High Waists: Not Just a Trend

The mid-2000s saw a massive resurgence in the high-waisted trend of the 1980s and 1990s. From
“Mom” jeans to skinny trousers, high waists became the dominant rise in women’s clothing. Today, the
low waists and mid-rises of the Y2K early 2000s era have come back around into style. You might even still own some vintage pair of high-waisted pants that you just can’t let go of, too small to wear but folded away fondly in the back of your wardrobe. While XCVI loves to keep things fresh, we’ve
definitely remained loyal to vintage-inspired high waists. In the best way, high-waisted clothing makes us nostalgic for eras gone by, and the history of this silhouette peeks through in many modern styles we create. In all its waist-cinching, hip-hugging glory, we can safely declare that the decades-long
high-waisted trend has officially stuck with us and grown into a staple style that you seem to love just as much as we do!

High waists lengthen and streamline the figure using curved lines that conform and shape to you.
With comforting, gently cinching placement on the torso, it’s easy to see why a high waist is among the most desirable cuts available today. Beyond their flattering look, high waists offer function, holding the garment up with sturdy, curve-grazing construction. As much as we love those starchy high rise blue jeans, XCVI waists prioritize luxurious comfort that is fashionable in and of itself. Placing a soft jersey waistband on a structured piece blends ease with immaculate tailoring for a piece that truly has the best of both worlds.

High waists show up excitingly all throughout our Spring 2022 New Arrivals. Linen and cotton cuts add breathability to modernized classics like flowy skirts. The Ottoway Skirt serves an especially striking high-waisted look in the stormy blue-gray of Tidepool, giving a softened, industrialized take on a balloon midi skirt. With eyelet hardware, contrasting knit panels at the hip, and a high-rise jersey waistband, Ottoway seamlessly mixes hard and soft elements. When worn in pale Orion Blue Pigment or milky white Clay Pot Pigment, the Ottoway Skirt reminds us of a pristine white-sanded beach on a clear day.

With colorways that give us that seaside feeling, Ottoway works exceptionally as beachwear for your
long walk alongside the water. The jersey waist flexes tenderly when worn, making your time in the sun all the more enjoyable and cozy.

The pull-on waist, cropped fit Tiri Ankle Pant epitomizes the classic beauty of high-rise trousers.
100% tencel soft twill ensures Tiri as a great choice for daily wear. A tapered shape and gathered ankle cuffs work harmoniously with an elastic waistband and gathered pockets to create pants you can feel both active and relaxed in. Whether in warm Sable brown or banana yellow Woodbine Pigment, the Tiri Ankle Pant shines as a go-to piece in your Spring closet.

The High Waist Josette Mini Skirt makes flawless use of its namesake as an upgraded version of
our Wearable line’s timeless Trace Skirt. Twill tape detailing on ruched panels and a wide waistband in the highest of rises hold you in gently yet firmly, while the cropped skirt silhouette lets you breezily show off those legs. Josette stays true to its classic roots in crisp bright White and inky midnight Black, while stretch poplin fabric ensures room for plenty of movement.

There’s no way we can wrap up talking about high waists without mentioning The High Waist
Jetter Pants, which also honor their title using an upgraded high-waist design on one of our bestselling garments. Jersey and ruching pop in again to create an athletic style with a cropped cut. The Jetters especially show off their personality in tie-dye hues like the blue-peach Calyx Wash Apex and the navy-forest green and cream of Plethora Wash.
Made in an additional eighteen solid colors, the Jetter Pants smoothly demonstrate exactly why they hold a top spot among our high-waisted all-star pieces.                                                                           
With all the love our long waistbands receive, it’s easy to see why we like to keep our rises–and
our standards–high as can be! Whether chosen from the Wearables or XCVI line, high-waisted designs stand out for both their style and structure. With elastic and jersey in pull-on wide cuts, our high waistbands go the extra mile to offer you maximum comfort, and our Spring 2022 New Arrivals further cement the high waist as the modern staple you know and love. No longer just a trend, our high-waisted cuts meld a classic silhouette with energetic, playful touches that feel just as familiar as your highest rise 80s jeans, still tucked away lovingly in the back of your closet.