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First thing’s first: our clothing isn’t made to be worn on the runway or to be meticulously styled for hours on end. Our clothing isn’t disposable fast-fashion either, and we are not trend obsessed.

Our clothes are meant for busy schedules in the face of “I have five places to be in one hour” challenges. They’re clothes to wear to your kid’s soccer game, to a friend’s backyard party, on your trip abroad, or for a day spent antique shopping. Your clothing shouldn’t burden you. It should effortlessly complement your journey through the maze of life. Our clothing is fashion you can LIVE in.

Made for real women who want clothing for real life.

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Nostalgia for Fall

Nostalgia for Fall

Ah, the leaves changing, the smell of pumpkin spice, the cool breeze...the 110 degree temperatures?!  We're in yet another heat wave here in Southe...

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