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Summer 2024 Catalog

Meet XCVI’s Summer 2024 collection, where every piece is a breath of fresh air.

A breezy season awaits with waves of striking yet soft color. Pastel hues of aqua “Mermaid Tail” and lavender “Windflower” brush textured fabrics like light linen, crochet, and double gauze, while earthy tones like army green “Kombu,” slate “Graphite Point,” and subtle cream “Audition” ground Summer styles in novel neutrals that add depth and dimension. From poolside lounging to evening soirées, Summer 2024 seamlessly transitions with you. Embrace relaxed sophistication with airy trousers, versatile tanks, and the practical elegance of every functional detail, so you can step into that sunlit Summer glow with confidence and unmatched style.


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Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter

Every step of the way, clothing and the shared bond of fashion have remained pivotal in keeping this mother and daughter closely connected. Shared ...

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Styling 3 Seasonal Favorites

3 Seasonal Favorites

Whether you keep things casual with a classic sandal or sneaker, or opt for elevating your look with the right accessories and maybe a heeled shoe,...

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