Meet Our Family

Meet a few of the people who make XCVI come to life. #liveinXCVI

Lilia Gorodnitski
Senior Designer

Lilia tells the story getting hooked on fashion design as a little girl growing up in Latvia

Elsa Gomez
Quality Control Manager

Having moved to LA to escape the civil war in Nicaragua, Elsa taught herself how to speak English and sew.

Victor Razo
Production Cutter

Victor shares his journey of growing up in poverty-stricken Mexico to coming to the US and mastering his profession.

Chelsea Kirston
Pre-Production Manager

Chelsea talks about her dad teaching her the fundamentals of being a worker, and the importance of doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Aida De La Cruz
National Sales Manager

Aida tells the story of how her 3 daughters gave her the clarity to fight for a better future, for herself and for her family.

Tamar Levine
XCVI's Photographer/Creative Director

describes the gratifying work that isn't just about taking pretty pictures but is about impactful story-telling.

Martha Molina
Sample Sewing Machine Operator

describes how the support she's received from her coworkers over the years has not only helped her learn about her job, but also about herself.

Kobi Farag
Production Manager

moved to the U.S. in the 1990s in hopes of becoming a fashion designer, but found working in apparel production to be most gratifying.