Ruching that Works

When it comes to choosing clothing, a great fit relies on flattering details and sturdy construction
that grazes your figure just so. A pointed collar, a ruffled bust; the contrasted yellow stitching on a trusty pair of blue jeans–each detail affects the overall look of a piece and ensures its longevity in your wardrobe. When made truly well, precise and unexpected details work together to create garments that truly shine.

Ruched technique involves manipulating fabric texture and dimension through inter-pleating
and repeatedly folding the material. The process results in a textured contrast detail that flatters and
conforms to the body for a streamlined, curve-grazing fit. XCVI’s commitment to lively, attentive design stands out with the ruched detailing that peppers many of our clothes. Our designs often incorporate ruching because we know how well it fits and just how exquisite it makes you look!

Among our best-selling pieces, the Corduroy Shirred Panel Skirt makes the utmost use of
ruching and exemplifies our love of the look. Stretch cotton corduroy with ruched paneling and a
drawstring waist creates a flexible, adjustable twist on your classic sophisticated midi skirt.The resulting look is a curvy yet clean silhouette that shines in colors like berry Rhododendron and our chartreuse Concorde. Many of our new arrivals, including the Ozara Culotte, Cordelia Skirt, Imogen Dress, and Quilliam Hooded Jacket, also have seamlessly-constructed ruching that personifies the stylish impact this detail can make.

Casual dresses receive a tactical, functional upgrade when paired with ruched texture. Both
beachy and sporty, the Imogen Dress uniquely visualizes this textural design concept. Imogen marries
netted mesh with ruching along the hips. Complete with cap sleeves and streamlined visible stitching,
Imogen elongates and tailors to the figure for a chic and sleek yet casual ensemble. Whether worn in
Valley Oak bright green, the muted brick red of Makore Pigment, or the milky chocolate of Sable brown, the Imogen Dress thoroughly represents the powerful silhouettes ruching creates.
Ruched details also maximize the Cordelia Skirt’s style potential by mixing athletic with elegant. 
sides, a mini skirt cut, and a jersey waistband offer a slimming look without sacrificing comfort.
Cordelia’s color options feel like pops of color on the sandy beach that is the Spring 2022 collection–a
bright stone in Golden Topaz, the far away depth of the water in Hague Blue Pigment, and the tie-dye
sunset shades of Sequence Wash Ruddy. Even in the classic cream of Weathered White, the Cordelia Skirt shows us the beauty ruched detail effectively adds to the design of an elevated basic.
Sporty hoodies meet classic denim outerwear with the elegantly-designed Quilliam Hooded
Jacket. In all its versatility and convenience, the star quality Quilliam presents matches perfectly with its unforgettable name.
Available in blue colorways of lush linen, including gray-washed Cosmic Pigment and deep sea Skydiver hue, Quilliam offers us a softened, earthier denim look. Detailed ruching on the cuffs, pockets, and at the cinched waist gives us a snug yet roomy sweatshirt-like design. With double-breasted button paneling and curved ruched pockets, Quilliam tastefully incorporates structure for a particularly flattering fit. In this athletic and sophisticated jacket, ruched design bridges two different styles to create a relaxed yet precisely-executed piece.
Choosing clothes made with exciting but practical details guarantees that you’ll get plenty of
wear from your thoughtful shopping picks. XCVI’s long-running love for ruching and shirred designs
reflects our desire to create complementary yet convenient clothing that truly brings you joy. Rich and
calming, inviting color options breathe extra life into these specially-designed pieces, while ruched
detailing adds the final essential touch. Ruching encourages flexible wear that works to fit your body–not the other way around, so you can stay confident and comfortable in your outfit choices time and time again.