What’s Up With Our Color Names?

We’ll be the first to admit that some of our color names and washes names are… um…. perplexing. The thing is, we offer a lot of colors in our line. And each season, each color needs a unique name so that our production team can track it and our dye houses can make sure to get the accurate formulas in production. We’d love to name each new green, just ‘green’ – but logistically this doesn’t work.

We’ve gotten pretty creative over the years. And when you’ve named 30 olive greens - sure, some of which may look pretty similar (trust us, there are subtle differences) - eventually you run out of names that are descriptive, appealing and, well, comprehensible.

Exhibit A:

30 names for color green

To remedy this, we’ve added a “color description” to our product pages. We hope this alleviates some of the confusion.

Green Color Description

We’ve also named our 6 core colors – for our 10 core styles – in simple, straight forward names. These colors will not change season to season. And the names will remain comprehensible!

Year-Round Colors

We’d love to get some help naming our Spring 2021 colors. Why not tap into your creativity, dear customers? Help us name some colors and washes. Pretty please? We can use all the help we can get. And, if we choose one of your color names, you will get a $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE to use on our site!


Help us name our colors and win $100 GC