Meet Our Designer

It's been nearly 25 years since our designer, Lilia Gorodnitski, first joined our company. And she never ceases to come up with new concepts, new silhouettes, new fabrications, etc. We wanted to pick her brain, and find out even more what keeps her inspired.

  • Give us 3 words that describe your personal style
  • Relaxed chic, effortless, polished

  • Do you have a favorite artist (painter, sculptor, etc)
  • There are so many! But when I close my eyes, I see a Monet exhibit….a room filled with water lilies, moving skies, amazing tones of blues, greens and lilacs!

  • What is your favorite piece of art at home?
  • Photographs done by my daughter, Natasha, of The Isle of Skye in Scotland. It reminds me of our time together in this magical part of the world.
    Skye Isle Skye Isle 2 Skye Isle

  • How do you practice self-care?
  • I believe in self-discipline. A routine schedule works for me; I am my own best friend. I try to eat healthy and spend time in nature. But the best self-care for me is to be with people I love.

  • What shows are you watching right now?
  • I just finished watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. Pure joy!

  • What are some lessons you learned during the pandemic?
  • It made me realize that we live in a very fragile, unique and beautiful world. We are all connected, and if one of us suffering, we are all suffering. We are in this together; there are no borders. There are no “our people” or ”foreigners”…if we want to survive, we need to think globally.

  • What was the inspiration behind the (soon to be released) Spring collection?
  • Inspiration comes in all forms, and for this collection, I spent a lot of time thinking about who our XCVI woman really is. I started designing Spring at the beginning of quarantine during a rainy time here in Los Angeles. We were cooped up, watching life slowly pass, wondering how our worlds will look after this pandemic. There was no need to rush to the office, no need to be anywhere except safely at home; we were all together in our separation from one another. So I drew from what the XCVI woman would want in this new “at home” life. Comfort without sacrificing style, clothing that isn’t complicated, and at a price point that works within her budget. This collection was a true love letter to our loyal customers. A way to show our appreciation for who she is and all she stands for.

  • Do you have any favorite pieces from Spring?
  • I love all of them! Each collection feels like they are my children. A lot of development and care goes into creating each style, so it is hard to pick. But I can highlight a few.

    ZORAN TANK instantly dresses up any outfit and is made from the softest satin. Zoran Tank

    RAWN DRESS is made in the finest linen. It is elegant, comfortable and easy to care for.  Rawn Dress

    THE PERSEPHONE DRESS can be worn from the beach to a wedding; or a wedding on the beach! Persephone Dress

  • WHAT ARE YOUR favorite XCVI pieces of all times?
  • Over the years there has been so many! I went shopping in my own closet and the pant that always catches my eye is the Preppy Pant in Stoney Twill. This is a go to style when I want to be comfortable and look effortlessly cool. I wore a lot of stretch poplin this summer; mainly our Clarissa Short. They were perfect for hiking! Light and classic with breathable cotton; just the best! 
    The Preppy Pant
    Clarissa Short

    I also keep quite a few stretch cotton voile shirts from different seasons in white. Styles like the Annie Hall Blouse and the Lina Ruffle Blouse. They are elegant, affordable and easy to pair with dressy pants or jeans. Did I mention comfortable? 

    Annie Hall Blouse
    Line Ruffle Button Up

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