The House Dress Revival

2021 will be the ear that we redefine what a 'house dress' is and how it is worn. No longer will we associate the term with vintage apron-like silhouettes. Instead, we incorporate sporty and classy elements to our Aldi Dress to make it the perfect house dress with a contemporary feel and comfort for a lively woman.

Inspired by these retro silhouettes:

The House Dress Revival

The house dress reinterpreted with contemporary style and XCVI comfort
Apron silhouette, relaxed waist, classic button‐up, inseam pockets, and elastic detail at hem for added shape.
Aldi Dress in NocturneAldi Dress in NocturneAldi Dress in Nocturne
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Photo credits (Vintage patterns): Left & center from Midvale Cottage; Right from The Vintage Pattern Store