The Gift of Pampering

You deserve some pampering. You know that feeling of being wrapped in a sumptuous silk velvet robe for a day at the spa? Yes, THAT feeling. The one we are all craving right about now.

We want to give you that feeling with the looks that channel the vibe, the feeling of being treated like royalty, in a lavish, regal, and sassy aesthetic.


The Ruby Pullover ($68) has a kangaroo pocket, boat neckline, and raglan long sleeves. Pair it with the luxe Reina Pant ($58) for that sumptuous silk velvet feel.

Beyond Athleisure:

The Gaja Top ($68) and the Taj Legging ($48) are both made of a super soft Terry, with patches of silk velvet for added luxury and texture.

The Luxe Velvet Look:

The Atarah Hoodie ($78) and the elegant Chaleur Pant ($58) are made of a luxe crushed velour that looks regal, and feels like being wrapped in a soft robe.


Maybe you have someone you'd like to gift this feeling to? At these special prices, we make it easier this year to share this feeling with the ones you love.

The icing on the cake? All of these pieces are made in the USA.



Photo credits: Living room setting came from Joybird; Bathrobe photo came from