Trio of Bundles

This holiday season, get your shopping done in one fell swoop. We’re bringing you a trio of curated bundles, designed to maximize gifting potential and ensure that you grab a little something for yourself along the way. Take 10% off these select styles when you purchase three items from bundle. After all, you deserve it!

First up–the “Gift of Relaxation” Bundle! Blue stands out prominently among these pieces, promoting a sense of calm and serenity even amid the mayhem that seasonal shopping can bring. Grab the Paige Poncho in Orion Blue for maximum fleece comfort in the most serene of hues. Pair with the Fleece Scotti Crop in the same hue for a stylish yet incredibly cozy co-ord. Shades like olive-brown Sea Turtle and classic White supplement the blue beautifully, while Calyx Wash mixes all three for a swirled neutral, white, and blue splashed tie-dye print. Try out the Paige Poncho and Carsten Jogger in Calyx, or wear cotti in White for a go-to fleece capri with the utmost utility. Whichever route you choose, this soft and bluesy bundle is sure to bring you peace.

The “Holiday Burnout Begone!” Bundle is all in the name! We combined softened grays and shades of purple like Festival Pigment to maximize their powers of cool-toned calm and bold opulence. It’s not fifty shades of gray—but it is three of them! Darkened gray Basalt Pigment, medium Grey Mist Pigment, and contrasting gray linear tie-dye Ophidian Wash Mist all bring the hazy, dreamy vibes and balance the bright regality of Festival Pigment purple. Cool-toned and joyful all at once, this bundle brings both unexpected neutrals and color into the mix. Try out the Burnout Huron henley-inspired tee. In the heathered, “worn-in” version of Grey Mist and Festival Pigment, the burnout colorways beat the holiday burnout. Pair with the ruched pencil Mickey High Waist skirt in deep gray Basalt or the majestic Festival Pigment. The High Waist Josette Mini skirt also fits like a dream in shades-of-gray Ophidian Wash Mist. Pair Josette with tights and boots for a cold-weather-friendly ensemble. Lastly, the Gibbon Tank dress stuns in pale Grey Mist Pigment. A midi length piece with a balloon hem and jersey inserts at the torso for an impeccable fit, Gibbon becomes Winter-ready when layered over a turtleneck, stockings, and some leather boots. This season, it’s all about the gray area—with varying neutral shades and bursts of purple throughout.

Peachy pinks, neutral browns, and bright whites write an off-season beachtime color story with the “Gotta Get Away” Bundle. This bundle reminds us of laid-back days, sepia-toned photos, and time spent by the water in seasons other than Summer. Radial Wash Cypress offers a swirled pattern of splashed abstract stripes in light brown and white. On the wide-leg cropped Ace Pant, sharkbite hem capri Astri Pant, Cotton Linen Raw-Edge Safari Jacket, and short-sleeve button-down Gauze Teagan Tie Top, Radial Wash Cypress brings a sense of adventure into the holiday season. On the pull-on cropped and lightly flared Utility Sarla Pant, the color Desert Coral feels vintage-inspired and positively seaworthy! Continue the peachy-pink color story with the button-down Weslia Tie Front Top in blushing Firefly, or try out either piece in white, like on the Cotton Linen Raw Edge Safari Jacket or Ace Pant in icy white Sea Salt. However your dream getaway looks, the “Gotta Get Away” Bundle knows just what you’ll be wearing.

Holiday shopping never looked so good or felt so easy breezy! Curated style bundles in selective color stories help cultivate the season of giving. Pick out three of a kind, then pick a third for an added discount! Enjoy the holidays with versatile pieces that lend a hint of something different to your festive days. Whether these picks are for you or someone you love, this trio of bundles is here to shake up the season with style, unique color, and of course—the joy of a discount!