The High-Fashion Edit: A Special Capsule

The change in weather calls for mixing up your style, trying new things, and pushing the limits of your seasonal closet. A collection full of exciting details like two-way zippers, voluminous hoods, and adjustable cinching calls us to reimagine our go-to style as high fashion and sophisticated as can
be. We shook up our usual styling and went for all things chic and sleek to show off the collection’s editorial side with looks that turn heads and turn the page to a new vision!

The Adriel Skirt in brown-gray Griffin pigment gives us 90s grunge vibes, complete with oversized front pockets and an adjustable cinched bubble hem. This midi cargo piece pairs unexpectedly with the contrasting fleece of the Paige Poncho in crimson Falun Red. An oversized sweatshirt-inspired cape design, Paige features a generous front pocket and chunky hood so you can bundle up in each and every way! The roomy silhouette layers seamlessly over Adriel, and with some wide-leg pointy boots, the look is complete. Casual yet very much work appropriate, the finished ensemble is practical and oh so comfortable–plus, you’ll never be short on storage with the many large available pockets.

The Norcott Jacket Dress in Black is a showstopper in and of itself. With an antique brass two-way central zipper, v-neck cut, cinched adjustable mini hem, and moody hood, Norcott accomplishes multiple styles in a single tactical piece. Worn on its own with some thigh high boots, or thrown over just about any outfit, this two-in-one piece feels fierce, fashion-forward, and ready for a covert heist!

Rich olive green Sphinx pigment lends its flattering hue to the ribbed Lilis Turtleneck. Stretchy and ruched at the sides for a curve-conforming fit, Lilis in Sphinx looks universally stunning on all skin tones and adds a pop of Fall-friendly color into the mix. Layer your favorite jewelry and pull up your hair to show off that neckline! Sublimely soft and comfortable, Lilis offers a uniquely-detailed elevated basic that pairs well with just about any other neutral hue, jeans, or a bold purple (if you dare). Try Sphinx Lilis layered under the Enola Jacket in cream Toasted Almond. A semi-longline, tapered blazer fit with a single-button closure adds structure to the softness of the Lilis Turtleneck, further emphasizing the waist as the ivory hue winningly contrasts with the olive green.

Velour loungewear speaks for itself with flattering fits and plush fabric. Worn off the shoulder for a touch of sexiness, the Dekota Pullover in navy Infantry Blue brings some cheekiness and style to your average at-home look. In fact, paired with the matching Wallace Legging, the look is very much fit for wearing out and about.

With a nod to the velour obsession of the early 2000s, the Luella Hooded Jacket in grungy brown-gray Griffin pigment puts a spin on your average velvety zip-up sweatshirt. With a two-way zipper, soft hood, and front pockets, Luella can double as an itty bitty minidress, but looks right at home layered over the matching Wallace Legging with some mules or ankle boots. Loungewear that’s fit for taking a meeting and taking a nap? Say no more.

The rich crimson-orange of Falun Red looks stunning on the Lilis Turtleneck, and contrasts strikingly with the Adriel Bubble Skirt in White. The look feels refreshing yet quintessentially Autumnal, letting the light in with bright white and integrating festive color without going over the top. Gold jewelry, some killer shoes, and your favorite designer bag top off the look, so you can step out knowing for a fact that you look incredible!

In lush mid-blue Pirouette, the crepe Amos Blouse integrates beachy lightweight button-downs into the Fall season. Let the color do all the talking here, and pair this roomy short-sleeve blouse with the gently flared silhouette of the stretch poplin 4-Pocket Foldover Pant in cream-pale green Deep Sage. Throw on those layered necklaces, some loafers, and bring along an oversized jacket. The finished look feels familiar yet modern, and the colors bring brightness and fun to the cooler seasons.

We couldn’t help but style the Lansdown Legging in purple Mesmeric wash with a contrasting color. The textured jacquard reptile print mesmerizes in shades of purple, while a pull on waist and tapered silhouette remind us of the classic Audrey Hepburn cigarette pants of the 1950s and 60s. The dazzling purple magnetically complimented hues of lime green and chartreuse shoes and accessories, and we added a gold-chain link belt and oversize white button down for a neon look that pushes the limits of these incredibly unique trousers. While this look isn’t for everyone, the color combination is ripe for inspiration. Try Mesmeric against hues of green, orange, blue, and yellow and see if any of them really stand out to you. A basic white top adds room for experimenting with color, and the raised jacquard feel of the pants ensures textural contrast with just about any other fabric you choose.

Suit up! This time, in a two-piece, menswear-inspired ensemble. We combined the Enola Jacket and Corbyn Pant in pale gray Soft Pebble for a suit that looks structured and feels comfortable. Enola’s single-button, elongated design looks flattering and waist-defining over the slightly flared, cropped fit of Corbyn. Layer this look over a poet’s blouse for a touch of all things feminine and flouncy, and finish off with chunky necklaces and shoes in a contrasting color. Now, you’re pretty much ready to be the CEO of everything.

Beachy vibes show up smiling with the Adriel Bubble Skirt in Stone Bluestone. A tie-dye inspired, stonewashed colorway brings out our West Coast-cool and adds a touch of waterside grunge. Paired with the stretchy ribbed Bryant V-Neck in White, Stone Bluestone Adriel looks like the perfect outfit for a day on the beach. The right accessories, however, elevate this style into something else entirely! Heavy silver and chrome chain jewelry, oval sunglasses, and rounded block-heel black boots combine some industrial editorial chic that plays against the bohemian flair and completes the look with an impossibly fashionable–yet very much wearable–ensemble.

Try out a longline black blazer for some extra Matrix inspiration that cuts against the cozy casualness even more. Take the industrial chic to the next level with a skirt-suit and the same heavy-metal accessorizing. With the Enola Jacket and Adriel Bubble Skirt in Griffin Pigment, a full-on two-piece cargo suit is afoot! An unexpected take on a matching set, Enola and Adriel bring tactical vibes to a traditionally more formal type of outfit. Worn on its own as a top, the Enola Jacket is a daring choice, but layered over a ribbed cami or button-down blouse the look is just as effective and exciting and serves its matching counterpart very well!

In classic Black, the Peackskin Tencel Nyle Skirt gives us the cargo piece of our dreams. To show off the voluminous silhouette and generous pockets of this piece, we went with a simple cropped white tank, but the styling possibilities for Nyle are seemingly endless! Try her with a fitted white button down or even an oversized one. Layer a chunky sweater over a turtleneck and some boots and you’ve got a look that can change depending on whether you’re hot or cold! Nyle’s paperbag waist and roomy yet tapered fit ensure that she pairs seamlessly with just about any type of outfit. Top off your look with chunky bracelets, layered necklaces, and some hoop earrings to bring out the tactical, contemporary feel of this versatile skirt. 

We couldn’t help but try out the Melinda Blouse in creamy Toasted Almond worn as a dress. An off-shoulder elongated peasant tunic, Melinda features billowy sleeves and a draped fit that would look stunning over jeans or a pencil skirt. We gave Melinda a shot as a mini dress with some chunky leather boots to bring out the boho-meets-high fashion feel of this piece–and we’re not mad at the results! You could even put Melinda over a denim mini skirt with some tights and boots to keep the silhouette short and sweet. The possibilities are truly endless, and we wanted to show you just how much!

The series concludes with our Dekota Pullover in Karma Wash. The off-shoulder neckline creates a casual yet enticing look, while the vibrant greens and bulbous black linear tie-dye design add some printed appeal to the look. Paired with jeans, Dakota in Karma Wash looks chaotically controlled and vibrant yet calmingly cool. With sneakers or boots, the sweatshirt speaks for itself and brings fashion-forward appeal to even the simplest or most casual of outfits.

Like many things in life, wearing your clothes in reimagined ways calls for confidence.

How often do we see celebrities wearing off-the-wall ensembles that they pull off with sheer self-assurance and personal style? So why not you? Why not try something new? Whether you’re sampling some “out-there” accessories, creating a new color palette for yourself, or trying out a jacket as a dress, your sense of self has the power to make your outfit stand out just that much more!

Give something different a shot, and remember that it’s all about your attitude! If you’re excited about your outfit, everyone else will be too, and after all, your own style and choices are all that really matter. Conquer the end of the year in unexpected style and bring on the seasonal changes by shaking up the way you get dressed and step into the world each and every day.