Making stops at cities around the country for several months at a time, the XCVI Traveling Shop is a unique opportunity for us to interact with our fans. Designed to look and feel like a bazaar, we invite shoppers to weave through large wooden artist crates packed with hidden gems at every turn. XCVI's bohemian aesthetic and ease of style clothing is intertwined with a carefully curated ensemble of local artisans showcasing their craft. By creating this hidden gems collective, XCVI embraces all manners of fine local craftsmanship and style.

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Shop Locations

We have traveled to these locations, for a limited time only.

110 S Hope Ave Ste H124, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(949) 357-7156

The Gardens on El Paseo
73-585 El Paseo, suite A-1118, Palm Desert, CA 92260
(760) 851-7887