Wear Your Vegetables

It’s officially linen season. Sure, it tends to wrinkle more, but don’t let that scare you… there are so many feel-good and smart reasons to wear linen when the weather gets hotter, aside from the fact that it looks beautiful and fresh:

  1. It’s a stiff fabric that doesn’t cling to the skin, and can quickly absorb perspiration
  2. It remains cool in hot weather
  3. It is a smooth fabric and is lint free
  4. The fabric becomes more beautiful with age, and gets softer the more it is washed
  5. Its history is filled with folklore and romance

Linen is a natural fiber, and is among the strongest of the vegetable fibers (it’s 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton). Made from the cellulose fibers inside the stalks of the flax plant, you can technically consider it to be a vegetable.

It’s truly a win-win.

Linen Flax Field flax flowers

The linen flower turns golden what it's mature

Harvesting flax