A Grounding Palette

Nothing like a trip to the local CVS to remind me that pastels are in the air. The baby blues and pinks that pop up this time in retail this time of year are certainly pleasant on the eye for a minute or so… but I can’t seem to bear to wear those shades, especially when the ground begins to bloom and the earth gets back its vibrant palette.

So if not pastels, what colors should we be wearing this spring? What colors are trending this spring, you ask? I have some good news: this spring, the color story is that of a sweet blend of cool tones with warm colors. And nothing portrays that story as well as the Hollow Wash in our collection this season.

A sweet blend of the colors Picante and Wren, accented by the contrast of white, this palette is as vibrant and rich as the air after the rain. The palette is grounded in the earth’s rich succulent tones, and is given extra depth with a subtle shine of this season’s satin fabric.