🌱What is this, you ask?

Starting February 21, 2019, you’ll receive a gift of a seeded leaf and a bookmark with every order.

🌱Why, you ask?

Because just a short time experiencing the fullness of nature can be restorative. As we transition into spring, we give you the gift of gardening and a reminder to ground yourself in the present moment and plant a seed for a beautiful and nourishing tomorrow.

🌱 How you ask?

Plant this leaf shape in soil, add water, and watch it grow (but first, you have to buy something. May we offer a fresh new look from our Spring Collection?)

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In honor of Earth Day, here is the 8-week progress of our plant that we planted from the seeded leaf on 02/21/19

8-week update on our seedling

DAY 1 (02/21/19):

The seed is planted. The soil is watered. Let's see what happens next.

Day 1 - The seed is planted

DAY 7 (02/28/19):

We have been spritzing our seedlings, and giving them lots of sunlight on the windowsill, but no growth yet. We'll just have to be more patient.

Seeded Leaf - Day 2

DAY 12 (03/04/19):

It's sprouted!!!! Yay! It's so green and cute. 

We are still waiting on the right one (see above for reference)

How is yours doing? Did you plant it yet?

Day 12