Taylor Swift's New Songs as XCVI Clothing!

The queen herself has just released a new album, and we’re all over it. Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” spans thirteen songs—plus seven bonus tracks—and feels like a hazy, beautiful pop fantasy with hints of 70s rock influence and 80s synths. In classic Taylor fashion, each song is bursting with imagery, color, and texture, and we couldn’t help but get excited as can be! With the music stuck in our heads 24/7, we figured what better time to do a fun tribute to Ms. Swift through some of our favorite Fall garments. Here’s each song on the album as a piece of XCVI’s clothing!

Track 1: Lavender Haze – The Jesse High Neck Tee in Ione Pigment
On Lavender Haze, Swift sings of staying in and maintaining the comfort and ease of her years-long relationship over an upbeat disco-rock melody. We obviously had to go with the pale purple of Ione Pigment for this one. Jesse features a dropped shoulder and a boxy, roomy silhouette so you can stay cozy in this elevated basic tee for as long as you’d like. In 100% cotton Abbott Jersey, Jesse feels a lot like her song counterpart—comfortable, familiar, and seamless to live your life in, much like the Lavender Haze Taylor sings about so lovingly in this opening track.

Track 2: Maroon – the Chapman Jacket Dress in Dark Nubuck
Midnights’ second track evokes its titular color by taking the listener through a range of shades. “The burgundy on my t-shirt when you splashed your wine onto me/And how the blood rushed into my cheeks, so scarlet/The mark you saw on my collarbone, the rust that grew between telephones/The lips I used to call home, so scarlet, it was maroon.” Taylor goes through burgundy, blood, rust, and scarlet until arriving at maroon. She explores shades of deepening red as metaphors for emotions, nostalgic for a long lost love. For this track, we went with the Chapman Jacket Dress in Dark Nubuck. Much like the song, Chapman features homespun details like floral embroidery and a cozy hood. In deep red Dark Nubuck, Chapman is the maroon of our dreams. Much like the layered vocals and colors that texturize the song, Chapman is stretchy in cotton Bravo Corduroy and can be worn on its own or as outerwear. Full of personality and memory, the Chapman Jacket Dress embodies the homespun-meets-contemporary vibe of XCVI, much like the feeling “Maroon” provides on Midnights.

Track 3: Anti-Hero – the Enoch Cape
The lead single from Midnights is catchy and revelatory. In its confessional nature about the flaws in us all, Anti-Hero feels like a hug in its ability to connect us through shared struggles. The Enoch Cape gives us a hero’s twist on a classic sweater. In the Anti-Hero music video, Taylor faces two versions of herself. Similarly, the Enoch Cape can be worn in two ways–split in the front or back. A draped fit and elbow-length sleeves grant prime layering potential, while soft Mirelli Knit ensures maximum comfort, just like the song brings. For weather-confusing days, Enoch is truly heroic, contradicting the notion of what a warm sweater looks like!

Track 4: Snow on the Beach – the Arlo Jacket in Rural Pigment
With a chorus and hook that build and vocals supplemented by the haunting voice of Lana del Rey, track four feels like its namesake. In contrasted sand and white Rural Pigment, the Arlo Jacket tells the color story of “Snow on the Beach.” Patchwork sherpa lends the unexpected feel that experiencing snow on the beach might bring, while the fleece ensures your warmth as snow falls. Plus, the sizable storage on the jacket fits in perfectly when Lana and Taylor sing
“stars by the pocketful” to describe the magical experience of snow in such an unexpected place.

Track 5: You’re on Your Own, Kid – The Kele Jumpsuit
On her famously wrenching fifth track, Taylor sings of how we must count on ourselves as we grow. Naturally, we went with overalls for this one. Playful and youthful, the Kele Jumpsuit evokes childhood yet ensures a casual, sophisticated look. Much like the song reminds us, the bridge between being a kid and an adult can always be crossed, and we can maintain our childlike sense of wonder and playfulness while also taking on the responsibilities and gravity of being an adult. With adjustable straps, large front buttons and pockets, and a semi-loose fit, Kele is perfect for celebrating who you’ve always been and who you’ll soon become.

Track 6: Midnight Rain – the Strickland Pullover in Oblique Wash
Colorblocked shades of blue, tan, and white create Oblique Wash, a Fall-friendly tie-dye that feels like a beautiful seasonal night-time storm. In this song, Taylor compares herself to midnight rain and her lover to sunshine, creating a duality of elements that perfectly contradict one another yet fit like puzzle pieces. Similarly, the Strickland Pullover features fabric mixing with the waffle-knit Valentina Thermal and 2x1 Rib Contrast panels inserted at the sides. Topped off with the subtle-yet-strong contrast of the blues and white with tan, Strickland mirrors “Midnight Rain” and offers comfortable, layerable versatility for the Autumn season.

Track 7: Question….? - The Dixon Pencil Skirt in Rural Pigment
The right staple piece can answer all your styling questions. When getting dressed, there’s those few wardrobe staples that always work and clear up confusion when piecing a look together. On“Question,” Taylor asks the listener a series of open-ended inquiries in attempts to make sense of her own experiences. In this case, the Dixon Pencil Skirt has the power to answer. Fitted and slitted in the back with a midi cut and side pockets, Dixon gives the perfect silhouette to pair with just about any top or jacket. In sandy Rural Pigment, Dixon offers a neutral shade that complements just about any other color. Question? Consider it answered!

Track 8: Vigilante Sh*t — The Marlee Cold Shoulder Top in Black
On this scintillating, mischievous track, Taylor schemes about exacting revenge on those who have wronged her. The shiny satin and open-cut sleeves of the Marlee Cold Shoulder accompany the song beautifully, offering a sexy yet subdued top that mimics the song’s sound effortlessly. Nothing says “vigilante” like wearing all-black, so pair Marlee with dark jeans or a black fitted skirt and you’re ready to scheme like a bandit!

Track 9: Bejeweled – The Dryden Hardware Tank
With decorative ring-snaps and dome rivet hardware along the neckline, the Dryden Hardware Tank is the obvious choice to represent “Bejeweled.” “I miss you/but I miss sparkling/best believe I’m still bejeweled when I walk in the room/I can still make the whole place shimmer” sings Taylor in the magnetic chorus of this pop anthem. An ode to shining and showing off all your brightest colors, Bejeweled corresponds with the elevated and embellished tank that is Dryden.

Track 10: Labyrinth – the Ainsley Turtleneck in Black
Despite its title, track 10 is perhaps the simplest song on Midnights. A clean, increasingly layered harmony rises and falls as Taylor sings “oh no, I’m falling in love.” The complexity of the title and sound contrast with the message of the song, showing us the inner labyrinth Taylor explores as she sings through the feeling. For this stripped back song, we chose the Ainsley Turtleneck in Black. As one of the most classic looks around, black turtlenecks lend simplicity and order to whatever they’re paired with, creating an outfit that’s both sophisticated and seamless. With ruching, twill tape, and dome rivets at the cuffs, Ainsley is secretly detailed and intricate beneath the fitted facade of the subduedly glamorous turtleneck look. Similarly, “Labyrinth” decodes its own mystery within soft, hushed music.

Track 11: Karma — The Dekota Pullover in Karma Wash (available11/3/22)
This cheeky track likens karma to all of Taylor’s favorite things. “Karma is my boyfriend/karma is a god/karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend/karma’s a relaxing thought” croons Taylor with an audible smile. In plush velour with an off-shoulder cut, the Dekota Pullover puts a spin on your classic sweatshirt. The rich emerald green, black, and navy tie-dye of Karma Wash look exciting and the top stands out as a loungewear favorite that can easily be sported as daywear. Perfect for your days off, in, or out running errands, the Dekota Pullover in Karma Wash is all of our favorites rolled into one—comfortable, subtly sexy, and stylish. Much like Taylor’s definitions of karma, this pullover makes for the perfect companion.

Track 12: Sweet Nothing — The Reeds Ankle Pant in Pumpkin Spice Pigment
On Midnights’ penultimate track, Taylor sings about the simplicity and purity of her and her partner’s love, explaining through song that all they ever wanted from one another was “sweet nothing.” The song feels gentle and crooning, displaying the saccharine affection the two feel for one another. In the warm orange of Pumpkin Spice Pigment, the Reeds Ankle Pant embodies all the sweetness Track 12 sings of. A pull-on stretch waistband, semi-cropped cut, and straight leg with flattering seaming make for an easy-to-wear trouser in a delicious color that feels just as warm and homey as the song does.

Track 13: Mastermind — The Lansdown Legging in Dark Nubuck
Track 13 has Taylor singing of plotting and scheming to win the affections of her lover, claiming that nothing was coincidental in their getting together. “What if I told you none of it was accidental/And the first night that you saw me, nothing was gonna stop me/I laid the groundwork and then, just like clockwork/The dominoes cascaded in a line” she sings, cheekily explaining how her now-love was all by design. The song’s jumping octaves and excitedly crescendoing chorus feel like an intricate work of art, much like the Lansdown Legging. Animal print, textured jacquard in contrasting hues create a stunning landscape on this trouser, while a slim leg and low-slung pockets frame the design with classic structure. In Dark Nubuck, contrasting clay rust-red overlays on peachy-orange and the result is a truly mesmerizing, rich scheme of color and texture. Much like Taylor interweaving the complexities of achieving love within the framework of a four-chord song, the Lansdown Legging adds extraordinary, artful design to a tried and true silhouette. The design is indeed masterful, and we couldn’t think of a better way to finish off our album of clothing than with these pants that so beautifully embody everything XCVI seeks to create.