Spark Joy, Again and Again (and again)

Spark Joy

Do you have that joy-sparking item in your closet that you wish you could wear every day all year round?

Or have you actually been wearing it for years and it’s sparking less joy now that it’s tattered and torn?

I have a pair of jeans I got way back in, ahem, 2014. I’ve worn these jeans so many times, the seams are now breaking (beyond my several repairs, patches, etc). I’ve been trying to ignore that for months now, because, you know, if you ignore a problem it will clearly go away, right?

Sigh. It’s becoming clearer to me that it might be time to let those go. I reached out to the manufacturer to get a new pair but alas, they don’t make items that were in their 2014 collection, in 2019. Reasonable, sure, but also quite sad to part with my favorite pair of jeans after all those years and memories we’ve made together.

We hear this all the time at XCVI, especially when it comes to some of our best sellers. That is the reason we introduced the sub label Wearables which essentially offers those great pieces, over and over again, in new fabrications, new colors, etc. Frankly, those items still work.

The Jetters are a perfect example – we first introduced the style in 2012 and have continued offering this style every season, ever since. We’ve made a longer version of it, we’ve made a corduroy version, a stretch twill version, and a terry version. And each time we toy with the idea of sitting the Jetters out for a season, the protest we get is loud and clear: never ever stop selling the Jetters.

So, they’re back! Again! This time, in a gorgeous camo print, giving them new texture and a new life!

New Jetters!

Our first group of Wearables Spring is here – our best leggings, best wide leg pants, best blouses and best shirts – all in a new color palette so that you can enjoy those same items that spark so much joy, and then re-spark it again and again.