Meet Chrissy: A People-Loving Adventurous Sort

Since starting our ambassador program last year, we've fallen in love with Chrissy's style and upbeat personality (check out her blog We wanted to find out more about what makes her an ideal XCVI ambassador.

Meet Chrissy

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your life, family...anything you want XCVI customers to know!

I enjoy being a homebody just as much as I love getting out with people. I'm a wife, a mom to four boys (a homeschooler of two of them), and a blogger on the side. My husband and I are in Christian ministry, which is where I continue to learn about quality leadership and loving others well. And yes, I'll take another cup of coffee.

Where is your favorite warm destination to travel / vacation (or favorite travel memory)?

One of my biggest adventures in travel was testing for my scuba diver’s license in the clear, tropical waters of Roatan, Honduras. In fact, I couldn’t sleep the night before the final test. The thought of removing the face mask to practice “clearing” the mask had me paralyzed. What if water filled my nose cavity, leaving me in a choking panic? However, with the encouragement of my husband, I overcame my fear and passed the test. As a result, I was rewarded with images that will last a lifetime. The serene moments found in observing countless species of fish, breathtaking coral and even a sea turtle was incredible.

How would you describe your personal style?

Though I believe style evolves over time, I’d say I’m a casual girl who loves hats, flowy layers, and playing with colors and prints while leaning into a boho flair. Let creativity thrive!

What are your plans for 2020? Any big trips, events or activities?

My husband is currently planning a trip to the Florida Keys for our family and I can’t wait. It’s time I tried some snorkeling again, maybe even diving (it’s been years!).

Tell us about a piece of clothing you are sentimental.

I have a few items that make my heart happy when I wear them and it’s simply because someone I love gifted them to me. Gifts are my love language!

Where do you shop for clothing?

Aside from Goodwill and a few local boutiques, I hunt sale racks at well known brands found in most malls. This has worked well for me, but the world of blogging has opened doors to try online boutiques.

Do you feel comfortable shopping online for clothing?

More now than ever. Before I was adamant about trying things on in store. However, when a company offers hassle-free returns there’s no risk involved. In fact, I recently learned that if a package is 11 oz or under I don’t have to go to the post office!  So if I see something I like, I can hit click, wait for it to come to my door and try it on in the comfort of my home. Another perk to trying it on at home is my closet is right there telling me what options I have to wear that particular piece with!

Chrissy on our Blog

Who is your favorite artist/musician/performer?

This is so boring, but I don’t have one. Like my taste in clothing, my taste in music is eclectic. Give me a fabulous singer, accompanied by guitar or piano and I’m elated. Or violin. Boy do I love the violin!

Why do you enjoy being an XCVI ambassador?

XCVI allows me to remain casual without sacrificing style. Many of their pieces can easily be dressed up with a few accessory changes. Their attention to detail adds a unique flavor and they don’t compromise on quality of materials or comfort. Being a sentimental gal, I’m drawn to their story of a family owned business that continues to create, thrive and encourage slow fashion for the real woman!