XCVI is WRAP Certified

We are honored and humbled to announce that our Los Angeles factory headquarters has just been certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), thereby becoming one of only 12 certified manufacturers in the entire United States.

A response to global labor violations, The WRAP Certification Program is based on 12 Principles focusing on local law and workplace regulations, generally accepted international workplace standards, and the environment. WRAP is well recognized and has been accepted by many international retailers, brand manufacturers and licensors.

While there has been a significant effort made to bring apparel manufacturing back to Los Angeles (e.g. Mayor Villaraoigosa's involvement in the California STEP program), a series of raids on Downtown Los Angeles garment factories by the U.S. Labor Department found an astonishing number of labor violations.

XCVI's WRAP certification comes in the heels of this slew of labor violations, as a positive shift in the right direction for our city. "Despite market pressures, we pride ourselves of running a successful LA-based business in an ethical way. We couldn't be more proud of this accomplishment. Having it come from WRAP, which is such a highly regarded organization, is the ultimate seal of approval" says Daniela Zeltzer, XCVI's Corporate Communications rep. The overall benefits and goals of the months' long certification process are clear: better working conditions for employees, a program designed to protect the environment, and a sustainable platform to provide for future generations.