Girlhood, Revived

Many of us can fondly recall the time when we outgrew our obsession with playing with Barbies. It was almost a ritual–the meticulous dressing and undressing, the make-believe housekeeping, the careful brushing of her hair. Our dolls served as tools for practicing mundane yet essential tasks, almost like a preparation for the journey into adulthood. Barbie, in her own way, inspired a unique dedication to play, transporting us into a pink fantasy world that would later leave an indelible mark on our grown-up lives, whether we were conscious of it or not. These dolls were, and still are, remnants of our girlhood, a symbol of all that we left behind in our pursuit of adulthood.

This year's release of the eponymous Barbie film saw a cultural resurgence for the cherished childhood toy, reigniting a wave of nostalgia that many of us were happy to surf. We've found ourselves celebrating Barbie's undeniable influence, revisiting a piece of our past and rekindling the joy she brought us. Unapologetically feminine, Barbie invites us to revel in the essence of girlhood and womanhood, embracing all the qualities that make us who we are–from the allure of sparkles and the vibrancy of pink to the values we hold dear. Barbie encourages the most exuberant, joyful, and loving aspects of ourselves, all while maintaining her iconic style.

At XCVI, we've decided to take a stroll down the pink and purple memory lane, paying tribute to the enchanting world of Barbie with a color collection inspired by the beloved doll and character. Let’s zoom in on some of the XCVI and Wearables Fall styles that this curation has to offer!

In gentle purple-pink “Monet’s Pastel” pigment on sheening satin, the Ludolf Button-Up boasts a classic cut that totally exudes “Business Barbie.” Worn buttoned up or layered over a tank, the muted color elevates the look and adds a fresh twist to this wardrobe staple. In the same hue, the crepe Werley V-Neck features hardware-accentuated shirred sleeve cuffs for some added detail and layers comfortably. In its calm color, this simple style complements an array of silhouettes and color combinations.

Royal plum purple “Mesmeric” pigment instantly revives any outfit, infusing it with colorful charm and bold energy. Featuring mock-wrap draping in the front with a v-neck cut, the Anissa Tank’s flattering seaming conforms to your curves just so. The opulent hue amps up this simple but sweet style and looks great paired with a contrasting piece, such as cargo pants or distressed jeans. Also in Mesmeric, the Monroe Turtleneck brings us a novelty style in stretch crepe. Monroe features hardware shirred cuffs and an abstract floral embroidered mesh overlay. With its tapestry-like detail and high neck, Monroe feels Victorian-inspired while maintaining a totally modern, fresh look—totally Barbie!

Among our Wearables styles, purple reinvents itself again and again. A cool stoney purple, “Black Adder” pigment graces the textured comfort of the Cord Winifred Jacket. A two-in-one jacket-dress, Winifred features a gathered bubble hemline, two-way zipper, and pockets for added function and detail. Throw her over jeans or leggings in the same pigment, like the Geyser Crop. A classic CORE piece with front pockets, jersey inserts for movability, and ruching adorning each leg, Geyser pairs with Winifred for a Barbie-fabulous look.

With pinker undertones, “Pincushion” purple pigment feels playful and fun. For ultimate comfort, wear the Dottie Drawcord Sweatshirt in this hue. A classic pullover, Dottie features a drawstring waist for a cinchable hem that elevates the look with a touch of the unexpected. Go boldly monochrome and wear the Cord Penny Legging also in Pincushion. Ruched legs, a high pull-on waist, and stretch corduroy ensure style and coziness. 

You could also opt for varying shades of purple and wear the Cord Penny in Pincushion with the Edie Long Sleeve in deep eggplant “Sarsaparilla” pigment. A slightly edgier take on one of Barbie’s signature colors, Sarsaparilla works as a new and grounding neutral, adding depth to your look with stunning color.

Much like Barbie, the colors pink and purple are multifaceted and versatile, adding life to each look with gentle and powerful touches alike. Barbie’s undeniable influence on our childhoods and understanding of girlhood continues to resonate, even years after we’ve put down our dolls and moved on to more “grown” pursuits. Today, we honor all her feminine ambition with subtle nods to the pink and purple world she inhabits. From dressing up our dolls to dressing ourselves, Barbie has been a constant companion on our journey. Perhaps through this recent cultural revival of all things Barbie, we can embrace and celebrate the unapologetically feminine aspects of ourselves, expressing all that Barbie means to us with magic and vibrant self-expression. So come on Barbie, let’s go party!